30 Days Wild – 2 Weeks In. 

For me, 30 days wild is just like any other day. It’s a beautiful opportunity to get out more, see new things, visit new places and surround yourself with nature. 

For people not familiar with this, The wildlife trusts have challenged people to take part in the month long nature campaign and encouraged them to do an act of wildness each day, whether that would be something simple, helpful or adventurous.  

I’ve took the simple route; most days I have spent my time in various locations just strolling around taking photos as it’s what I love to do most. Nature is so special, even more so when you really appreciate what’s around you, it never fails to surprise me. 

Wildlife can be found in the most unembellished of places, many of my evenings have been spent in the back garden patiently waiting for visitors. 

Grey squirrelStarlings 

However, a diverse range of species are also found away from home. I try to find many occasions to visit Flamborough and Bempton Cliffs, the seabirds found there are remarkable to watch and photograph. 

GannetsFlamborough head lighthouse 

Local nature reserves are also great places to wonder and spot intriguing wildlife. I’m very grateful for protected areas as they serve so many beneficial factors.

RobinGoslings AvocetBlack headed gull 

30 days wild is a fantastic way to become more involved with nature, I sincerely encourage people to do it whenever they have a ounce of free time, whether it would be to watch the sunset, bird watch in the garden, visit a new place, plant some seeds or even watch a live wild webcam from your sofa. 


Bethan ☼


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