Week 3 – 30 Days Wild

The third week of June hasn’t been that busy for me but it sure has been interesting, as always!

For most of the week I have explored close to home with the outcome of many cuts, bruises & bites. However, I have seen such a beautiful diversity of wildlife which makes it all worth it. 

One of my favourite finds is this pond covered in algae. (see below) It’s amazing what they hold, it’s absolutely bursting with wildlife if look hard enough; very captivating.

I’ve also come close to some very inquisitive and alluring animals. It’s always a pleausure to be near them and to closely observe and appreciate what they do. 

Juvenile Coot
Canada goose
Mute swan
Black tailed skimmer dragonfly

It’s always great when you can have a relaxing stroll along the river bank, but even more so when you get to share it with some gorgeous animals that are very curious to know what you are doing. 

Limousin cattle
Masham lamb

During the 1 day we had rain last week, I managed to help a friendly moth shelter as it passed. He clung to me for almost half an hour before flying off into a bush. 

Yellow underwing moth
Finally, I visited bempton cliffs, again. I go as often as I possibly can as it is my favourite place to visit. In the near future I will be doing a separate blog post about the RSPB reserve and the birds found there, hence why I will only share the one picture of a passing by gannet. 

Bethan ☼


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