Volunteering Abroad

As I am so excited, I thought I would take the time to write about an upcoming adventure I’ll be taking part in this summer. 

Not many things have worked out for me in the past, however, with the confidence and motivation I have gained within the past year, I’ve proved to myself that if you work hard and want it enough, you can make it happen.  I also have been fortunate enough to have a beautiful loving family which have helped out in anyway they can, I’m forever grateful to them. 

I have continuously looked for nearby opportunities to volunteer for marine biology and it has proven to be quite difficult. It’s always a case of all the positions are filled, not enough money or it’s too far to travel. 

Despite those previous reasons, on the 6th of August I will be travelling alone to the Canary Islands, Tenerife to volunteer as a cetacean conservationist. Although the fact of travelling across the world on my own scares me to death, I’m particularly looking forward to it, I’ll get to meet new people & gain much more independence from it, Its just what I need.

The 2 week long programme includes: travelling out to sea on a number of whale watching boats, working with & educating tourists, surveying and taking photos for identification along with many other activities. 

Volunteers also get many days of free time to explore the island and try out many different things. I’m especially excited to go kayaking, snorkelling, climbing the volcano –  mount Teide aswell as exploring its own national park.

I will be writing blogs throughout my time there but im currently unsure on when I will be able to post them however, I’m making sure to take hundreds of photos, I have my own Nikon D3300 & an underwater camera for when I’m snorkelling & kayaking. I’m pretty sure these types of photos will make up for delayed blogs! 

There are 4 common resident species living in the Canarian waters that I have a large chance of seeing. Pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins and risso dolphins are most popular however sperm whales are also local but much harder to spot. There’s many other migratory species that pass through but are not so common to see. 

Most preparations are ready & it is all paid for, the next step is some shopping and turning up to the airport on time! I’ll make sure to update my blogs as much as possible, I certainly won’t be able to contain my excitement!! 

Bethan ☼ 


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