Our wild pet

We’ve been living in our house for just over a year now & my mum is transforming our garden into a beautiful thriving habitat for local wildlife. 

We have regular visitors we can easily distinguish beetween now, a couple of pigeons that go no where without each other, (it’s quite adorable actually!) blue & great tits, an inquisitive robin, blackbirds, many starlings, butterflies, bees & so much more! It’s great to walk out your own house to be surrounded with so much wildlife.

Running down the back of our garden is an old railway line bursting with trees and bushes along with a large open field behind,  so if we’re lucky enough, we’ll sometimes see a fox that keeps returning. 

However, the main focus of this blog post is the gorgeous, petite grey squirrel that always climbs her way down the tree to eat all the food. There’s a whole family of grey squirrels in our tree tops, last year we saw the three babies precariously jumping from branch to branch and will occasionally see them now. 

Although, it is only the one squirrel that regularly visits, she is very brave, almost like a neighbors cat that won’t go away.  She’ll allow me to get very close in order for her to make a few poses then get back to her dinner.  

She’ll constantly scurry along the fence and sit on high places looking around before retrieving her nuts and fat balls. (we’ve even had to zip-tie the feeder down so she doesn’t continue to take it) but most of the time you can find her high in the branches, playing, eating and even having a rest. 

Bethan ☼


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