Back again 

On Tuesday the 25th (my birthday!) we traveled down to Newquay, Cornwall as we are staying with my auntie for a week. Our short 1 hour flight from Yorkshire was glorious, I love being above the clouds even if it did seem to last 5 minutes. 

I’ve been coming down here for almost 17 years, my family would bring me once or even twice a year & it never got boring! It’s always felt homely to me, very familiar & never fails to give us the best memories. 

The first full day of being in Newquay welcomed us well. Despite some slight drizzle and the heavy rain the night before, it turned out to be a beautiful night with a stunning sunset.

I spent the late evening reminiscing on porth beach at high tide. To me, it’s called ‘cracking beach’ I gave it this name as a child due to the big cracked looking cliff. 

Towards 10PM we stood overlooking fistral beach looking at the beautiful colours bursting through the cloudy sky, although we couldn’t quite see the sunset, it’s just as beautiful to see the aftermath. 

It’s absolutely amazing to peacefully gaze into the horizon while listening to the crashing waves. 

Bethan ☼


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