Back again 

On Tuesday the 25th (my birthday!) we traveled down to Newquay, Cornwall as we are staying with my auntie for a week. Our short 1 hour flight from Yorkshire was glorious, I love being above the clouds even if it did seem to last 5 minutes. 

I’ve been coming down here for almost 17 years, my family would bring me once or even twice a year & it never got boring! It’s always felt homely to me, very familiar & never fails to give us the best memories. 

The first full day of being in Newquay welcomed us well. Despite some slight drizzle and the heavy rain the night before, it turned out to be a beautiful night with a stunning sunset.

I spent the late evening reminiscing on porth beach at high tide. To me, it’s called ‘cracking beach’ I gave it this name as a child due to the big cracked looking cliff. 

Towards 10PM we stood overlooking fistral beach looking at the beautiful colours bursting through the cloudy sky, although we couldn’t quite see the sunset, it’s just as beautiful to see the aftermath. 

It’s absolutely amazing to peacefully gaze into the horizon while listening to the crashing waves. 

Bethan ☼


Our wild pet

We’ve been living in our house for just over a year now & my mum is transforming our garden into a beautiful thriving habitat for local wildlife. 

We have regular visitors we can easily distinguish beetween now, a couple of pigeons that go no where without each other, (it’s quite adorable actually!) blue & great tits, an inquisitive robin, blackbirds, many starlings, butterflies, bees & so much more! It’s great to walk out your own house to be surrounded with so much wildlife.

Running down the back of our garden is an old railway line bursting with trees and bushes along with a large open field behind,  so if we’re lucky enough, we’ll sometimes see a fox that keeps returning. 

However, the main focus of this blog post is the gorgeous, petite grey squirrel that always climbs her way down the tree to eat all the food. There’s a whole family of grey squirrels in our tree tops, last year we saw the three babies precariously jumping from branch to branch and will occasionally see them now. 

Although, it is only the one squirrel that regularly visits, she is very brave, almost like a neighbors cat that won’t go away.  She’ll allow me to get very close in order for her to make a few poses then get back to her dinner.  

She’ll constantly scurry along the fence and sit on high places looking around before retrieving her nuts and fat balls. (we’ve even had to zip-tie the feeder down so she doesn’t continue to take it) but most of the time you can find her high in the branches, playing, eating and even having a rest. 

Bethan ☼

Volunteering Abroad

As I am so excited, I thought I would take the time to write about an upcoming adventure I’ll be taking part in this summer. 

Not many things have worked out for me in the past, however, with the confidence and motivation I have gained within the past year, I’ve proved to myself that if you work hard and want it enough, you can make it happen.  I also have been fortunate enough to have a beautiful loving family which have helped out in anyway they can, I’m forever grateful to them. 

I have continuously looked for nearby opportunities to volunteer for marine biology and it has proven to be quite difficult. It’s always a case of all the positions are filled, not enough money or it’s too far to travel. 

Despite those previous reasons, on the 6th of August I will be travelling alone to the Canary Islands, Tenerife to volunteer as a cetacean conservationist. Although the fact of travelling across the world on my own scares me to death, I’m particularly looking forward to it, I’ll get to meet new people & gain much more independence from it, Its just what I need.

The 2 week long programme includes: travelling out to sea on a number of whale watching boats, working with & educating tourists, surveying and taking photos for identification along with many other activities. 

Volunteers also get many days of free time to explore the island and try out many different things. I’m especially excited to go kayaking, snorkelling, climbing the volcano –  mount Teide aswell as exploring its own national park.

I will be writing blogs throughout my time there but im currently unsure on when I will be able to post them however, I’m making sure to take hundreds of photos, I have my own Nikon D3300 & an underwater camera for when I’m snorkelling & kayaking. I’m pretty sure these types of photos will make up for delayed blogs! 

There are 4 common resident species living in the Canarian waters that I have a large chance of seeing. Pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins and risso dolphins are most popular however sperm whales are also local but much harder to spot. There’s many other migratory species that pass through but are not so common to see. 

Most preparations are ready & it is all paid for, the next step is some shopping and turning up to the airport on time! I’ll make sure to update my blogs as much as possible, I certainly won’t be able to contain my excitement!! 

Bethan ☼ 

Week 3 – 30 Days Wild

The third week of June hasn’t been that busy for me but it sure has been interesting, as always!

For most of the week I have explored close to home with the outcome of many cuts, bruises & bites. However, I have seen such a beautiful diversity of wildlife which makes it all worth it. 

One of my favourite finds is this pond covered in algae. (see below) It’s amazing what they hold, it’s absolutely bursting with wildlife if look hard enough; very captivating.

I’ve also come close to some very inquisitive and alluring animals. It’s always a pleausure to be near them and to closely observe and appreciate what they do. 

Juvenile Coot
Canada goose
Mute swan
Black tailed skimmer dragonfly

It’s always great when you can have a relaxing stroll along the river bank, but even more so when you get to share it with some gorgeous animals that are very curious to know what you are doing. 

Limousin cattle
Masham lamb

During the 1 day we had rain last week, I managed to help a friendly moth shelter as it passed. He clung to me for almost half an hour before flying off into a bush. 

Yellow underwing moth
Finally, I visited bempton cliffs, again. I go as often as I possibly can as it is my favourite place to visit. In the near future I will be doing a separate blog post about the RSPB reserve and the birds found there, hence why I will only share the one picture of a passing by gannet. 

Bethan ☼

30 Days Wild – 2 Weeks In. 

For me, 30 days wild is just like any other day. It’s a beautiful opportunity to get out more, see new things, visit new places and surround yourself with nature. 

For people not familiar with this, The wildlife trusts have challenged people to take part in the month long nature campaign and encouraged them to do an act of wildness each day, whether that would be something simple, helpful or adventurous.  

I’ve took the simple route; most days I have spent my time in various locations just strolling around taking photos as it’s what I love to do most. Nature is so special, even more so when you really appreciate what’s around you, it never fails to surprise me. 

Wildlife can be found in the most unembellished of places, many of my evenings have been spent in the back garden patiently waiting for visitors. 

Grey squirrelStarlings 

However, a diverse range of species are also found away from home. I try to find many occasions to visit Flamborough and Bempton Cliffs, the seabirds found there are remarkable to watch and photograph. 

GannetsFlamborough head lighthouse 

Local nature reserves are also great places to wonder and spot intriguing wildlife. I’m very grateful for protected areas as they serve so many beneficial factors.

RobinGoslings AvocetBlack headed gull 

30 days wild is a fantastic way to become more involved with nature, I sincerely encourage people to do it whenever they have a ounce of free time, whether it would be to watch the sunset, bird watch in the garden, visit a new place, plant some seeds or even watch a live wild webcam from your sofa.

Bethan ☼